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Created to create

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Created to create

Why do I make so much photography when it has given me far less than the time, talent and treasure I have invested in it? Why do I perform, seeking to reach higher levels of excellence each time I draw breath to play my horns or put my hands to drum heads, when it has returned so little for the many years and hours and effort and lucre I have put into it? Why am I still writing music despite its refusal to attract ears or eyes and, consequently, financial compensation? Do I love disappointment, frustration and loss? Is this my self-flagellation? Do I enjoy rejection and apathy towards that which I have given so much to create?


It is because I, like every other artist and writer and performer and handyman, etc., must. God created us to create. He gave us the task of conceiving and creating images and sounds and objects of beauty and utility. He gave us the task of making sounds, images and objects that were nonexistent before we arrived. We must do this. It is in our blood. Failing to do this is tantamount to being locked in a dark room with a voice saying, ceate, Create, CREATE!

Hi, my name is Leon deVose, and I am created to CREATE!